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Work Permit Visa in USA from India

In the United States, work permits are authorizations that permit people to enter the country if they are employed by an American company. Only a select few nationalities are exempt from visa requirements for entry. They do not include Indians, so a work visa is required. The US Embassy issues a variety of entry permits for employment.


Various US Work Visa Types

The following categories of work permits exist depending on the kind of work you’ll be doing:


  • Journalist & Media (I) – This category permits entry into the US for related work by journalists and other media professionals. However, the company they work for must have its headquarters outside of the US.
  • People entering the US as part of an exchange program are given the exchange visitor (J1) visa. This can be acquired for purposes other than employment, such as study abroad programs.
  • Professional Job Visa (H1-B): This category, which is the most frequently issued, is given to those engaged in professional work. A Bachelor’s degree is a minimum requirement for the H1B visa in the USA.
  • Intra-company transfer (L1): Those who are coming to the US to work for a subsidiary, branch, affiliate, or parent company of a business based outside the US are granted an L1 visa.
  • Artists, performers, and athletes are eligible for this type of visa if they are coming to the US to take part in a work or project.

Qualifications for an USA Work Visa

You need to satisfy the following requirements in order to be qualified to apply for a work visa in the US:

  –>  A visa application must be made from India.

  –>  You must be in the US with a verified job.


To be eligible to apply for the work category, you must have a job and a letter from your employer confirming that you are employed.


I-129 and I-797 forms from your employer are required.


The US Department of Labor’s Labor certification approval is a requirement for your employer.

  • You should be in good physical condition.

You must be in good enough health to visit the US.

To be eligible to apply for a work permit, you must be within the age restrictions.

  • You should adhere to moral standards.

You must be morally upright and genuinely interested in working in the US.

How do I obtain a US work visa?

It takes a lot of time and effort to apply for a work visa to the United States from India. It is advised that you apply for it using a travel agency’s services as a result. Now, you must confirm that you are qualified to travel for the designated work category before you begin your application. The application can then be created as follows:


Make sure you have all the paperwork needed to get the permit.


Fill out the DS-160 form by going to the US Department of State Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website. The barcode on the DS-160 form should be noted because you’ll need it later on in the process.


Pay the application fees now. Write down the receipt number.


Log in to your account, then start scheduling appointments. You’ll need to schedule two appointments. The first is for submitting your biometric data at one of the five VACs, and the second is for your interview at a US embassy or consulate.


Bring a passport, an appointment confirmation page, paperwork, and a confirmation page for your DS-160 to your VAC on the day of your first appointment. A digital photo and a fingerprint scan will both be performed on you.


You must visit the embassy or consulate for your visa interview with a current passport, supporting paperwork, the appointment confirmation page, and the DS-160 page with the VAC stamp.


Keep in mind that the application form must be completed accurately. The submitted documents must be legitimate and valid. Your application may be rejected if you provide false or invalid documentation. The denial of a visa is a serious matter that may bar you from receiving other visas.

Required Documents for a US Work Visa

What can Impex Enterprises do for you?

The H1B visa requires the best possible documentation in order to increase the likelihood that your petition will be approved. Impex Enterprises has the expertise and experience necessary to guarantee that your application is exhaustive and satisfies all requirements. Our teams offer help with:

How do I extend my work visa to USA?

The length of your US work entry visas can be extended depending on the type. To do this, you must visit the US immigration office and request an extension. Although it is technically possible to request an extension, the department’s decision will determine whether it is granted. The paperwork that you provided to obtain the permit must be submitted again.

How long can I stay after my US work visa has expired?

You are not permitted to remain in the nation after the expiration of your work permit. You must depart the country before your visa expires. You might choose an extension, though. Without a valid extension, it is illegal to remain in the country after your visa expires. If caught, you could face fines and even deportation. In the future, you won’t be able to apply for any more US visas.

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