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High mountain ranges, deserts, forested valleys, and magnificent lakes can all be found in Canada. Canada is a country where every traveler will find something they like, whether they want to spend their time hiking through the rocks, learning about maritime history, or exploring the cities of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. But you need a tourist visa in order to experience all of this!

Documents Required for a Tourist Visa to Canada

How to Apply for Canada Tourist Visa?

Before submitting an application for a tourist visa to Canada, one should be aware that the online application process is one of the most practical options. Despite the fact that an offline process is also an option, you can easily keep track of the entire process online. Now that you’ve determined how to apply, you might want to adhere to the following requirements for the Canada tourist visa procedure.


Checking the requirements for a Canada tourist visa is one of the fundamental steps before applying.


  • By making use of the Eligibility question in this guide, the eligibility requirements can be understood. One may gather all the documents required by the Canadian government after determining eligibility.
  • However, if you choose the online platform, you might need to create an account on the website of the Canadian government. Your bank information can also be used for this. You must complete two application forms once the account has been opened, including.
  • In addition to the forms above, the following forms may also need to be completed (if required).
  • After providing the requested information on the application form, you will need to gather the required supporting documentation.
  • You must submit the application form once you have completed filling it out. After the embassy completes verifying your application form, you might eventually be called for the interview or the biometric round.


  • As one can see, applying for a Canadian tourist visa is a time-consuming process that calls for extreme caution. The accuracy and legitimacy of all the information must be confirmed. Your visa application could be rejected or delayed as a result of a mistake. Your visa duration and future visa applications will be impacted by the Canada Border Security Office taking into account the rejection of your visa as a factor.

Eligibility requirements

You must fulfill the following requirements in order to apply for a visitor visa to Canada:


The applicant must demonstrate that they have the means to support themselves and their family throughout the duration of their visit.


The applicant must demonstrate that they have the means to support themselves and their family throughout the duration of their visit.


In addition to providing invitation letters from their sponsor, applicants who might stay with friends or family should also have no criminal record and intend to strictly abide by local laws.


Applicants from certain nations might also require a temporary resident visa.


Depending on your profile, you might need to meet more entry requirements.

Costs for a Canadian tourist visa

The cost of a Canadian tourist visa depends on a number of variables, including the length of the stay, whether multiple entries are required, the urgency, and others. As a result, before applying, make sure you have the appropriate visa fees on hand.

Processing Period for a Canada Tourist Visa

The amount of time needed for the embassy to verify the submitted documents determines how long it will take to process an application for a Canadian tourist visa in India.


Therefore, thorough documentation could prevent any process delays. Your visa’s arrival is anticipated to take at least 35 working days. The visa takes about 10 to 15 working days to stamp.

How to Check the Status of a Canada Tourist Visa?

You may need to carry the documents listed below or their information in order to keep track of the progress of your tourist visa application.

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